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WALSH-Ecuador has conducted more than 300 environmental, social, GIS and archaeological projects over 15 years of operation and many of these projects have been located in highly sensitive areas, such as protected areas, indigenous reserves and the Galapagos Islands. WALSH provides diverse services for clients in various industries including: Oil and gas, mining, transportation, alternative energy, social and archaeological development, and environmental monitoring.

Ecuador Experience


Oil and Gas

    Papagayo 3D Seismic ESIA
    Awarded Energy Institute Environmental Award, 2004 (London, U.K.)

    Development of Innovative Rainforest "Canopy Bridge" Allowing Movement of Arboreal Animals Across Pipelines located in Ecuadorian Amazon
    Awarded World Oil HSE/Sustainable Development Award, 2004 (Houston, U.S.A.)
    Oil Spill Assessments and Contingency Planning
    EIA and EMP for Oil and Gas Development and Production


    EIAs and PMAs for the Mirador Copper Mining Project Exploitation and Beneficiation Phases
    EIAs and PMAs for the Fruta del Norte Subterranean Gold Mining Project Exploitation and Beneficiation Phases
    Evaluation of Ecuadorian Mining Sector and Legal Framework
    Due Diligence of Copper Mine


    Addendum to the EIA and PMA for the New Quito International Airport
    Provided an Environmental License for Cruise Ship Visiting Galapagos

Alternative Energy

    Developed the ESIA for a Wind Project Located on the Galapagos Islands
    Baltra Wind Farm EIA (Galapagos Islands)

Environmental Monitoring

    Biannual Monitoring of Sensitive Ravine Ecosystems

Environment, Health and Safety

    Environmental Management Plan and Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Oversight

Social and Archaeological Development

    Conducted an EIA for 3D Seismic to Minimize Environmental Impacts and Social Conflicts in Colonized Area
    Coordinated an Archaeological Rescue of Pre-Columbian Artifacts in Ecuadorian Amazon
    Evaluated Legal and Social Risks and Due Diligence for State Oil Fields with Heritage Issues
    Co-Publisher of an Archaeological book, Ancestral Cuyabeno

Anthropological Investigation

International Experience


International Industry Standard Development

    Provide Technical Expertise to Develop an International Standard for Socially and Environmentally Responsible Oil and Gas Production

Oil and Gas

    Provided Remote Sensing for an Environmental Audit in Oil Field, China
    Development of Innovative Rainforest "Coordinated an Environmental Impact Study for Petroleum Operation in Tropical Rainforest, Bolivia

    Environmental Impact Study for Petroleum Operation, Argentina

Environmental Monitoring

    Evaluated Potential Impacts Associated with the Discharge of Produced Water, Australia
    Produced an EIA and EMP for a Seismic Aquisition Program, Peru
    Provided Consulting Services to Reduce Pollutants in Discharged Produced Water, Columbia


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