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Contingency Planning
WALSH has developed various Contingency Plans for petroleum infrastructure and operations in the Amazon region.

WALSH will implement the following generic methodological steps for the development of Contingency Plans for hydrocarbon operations areas:
  • Gathering of information about the risks to infrastructure or activities, with a quantitative base (substances, volumes, etc.)
  • Gathering of information about the natural risks throughout the area (seismic potential, flooding potential, geomorphologic instability potential, etc., using available topographic information)
  • Characterization of the area’s hydrological system (drainage basins, based on existing Baseline information; hydrology; and water quality)
  • Evaluate the sensitivity of the area (location of nearby receptors, downstream collection for human use, particularly sensitive vegetative communities or animals)
  • Analyze risks based on available information to help determine critically threatened sites.
  • Determination of special prevention measures at sites
  • Preliminary determination of control points (office phase)
  • Field investigation to verify the feasibility of control points (access roads, access methods, access time, site conditions)
  • Determination of control points, accessibility and maintenance requirements
  • Development of backup procedures based on relevant international standards and the organization of the company: organizational and personnel charts (notification, response, and communication procedures, emergency contact lists, etc.)
  • Determination of requirements necessary to enable plan implementation (including training, drills)
  • Recommendations for response equipment and material, and proposed storage locations.
  • Requirements for updates to the Contingency Plan
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