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Environmental audits
WALSH has the capacity and experience to conduct Socio-Environmental Audits.

There are two possible types of Environmental Audits: compliance with specific legal requirements or biannual audits according to Ecuadorian regulations.

Audit Program
WALSH will present the company with an Audit Program consisting of three stages: Pre-Audit, Audit, and Post-Audit.

The pre-audit stage includes the entire process of information revision and of Site Audit planning, based on information provided by the company.

Audit Planning
Audit planning is based on information revision; this way, the Site Audit can be more effective in complying with established objectives, and more efficient in terms of time and required resources. During the Audit planning stages, the following activities will be conducted:

Site Audit
The site audit is designed to collect objective evidence of compliance or noncompliance with the Audit criteria.

The post-audit includes two aspects: Elaboration of the Audit Report and a Final Reunion.

Audit Report
The report will include: an executive summary, introduction, description of the audit operations, methodology, audit results, an action plan for the closure of nonconformities, and conclusions.

Final Reunions
The Final Reunion will take place after the report has been turned in. The principle findings of the audit and an audit program implementation report will be presented in this reunion.
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